RHENES attend the Russia ELEKTRO 2023 in Moscow
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Congratulations to Rhenes Company on the successful opening of the 2023 Russian Electricity Show.  From 6-June to 9-June 2023, our RHENES company had attended the exhibition of ELEKTRO 2023 in Moscow, Russia. Great success were taken there thanks to customers trusts and supports.

Our RHENES company exhibited attractive products during the fair. It covers from Power Distribution Electrical products, Automation & Controlling products, Terminal Din-rail products, etc. All customers were taken highly comments on our products and trusted us on cooperation and services. Most of them will visit our factory in future and establish relationships in next future.

Whats more, our company had made marketing survey during this travel under the favor of our local representative. After studied and researched Russian market, we deeply understood the special technical requirements on electrical products. In future, we will put more attention and investment to meet those demands.