Customer visits, market research in Malaysia 2023
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Recently, in the name of company representatives, our employees went to Malaysia for a successful customer visit, and conducted in-depth exchanges and cooperation with customers. The purpose of this visit is to find and solve the customer's product quality problems, and to provide customers with better product selection training to further strengthen the relationship between our customers.

The visit went well in Malaysia in May this year. Our team listens carefully to our customers' needs and feedback and actively seeks solutions. Through careful analysis of customers' product quality problems, we put forward a series of practical solutions, and conducted in-depth discussions and consultations with customers. Through joint efforts, we have successfully solved the product quality problems faced by customers and provided customers with high-quality solutions.

While solving quality problems, we also provide customers with product selection training to help them better understand and use our products. Through training, customers are able to more accurately select products that suit their needs and optimize their application effects. We believe that such training not only improves customer satisfaction, but also strengthens our partnership with our customers.

This visit laid a stronger foundation for our cooperation with our Malaysian customers and further deepened our partnership. We will continue to provide customers with quality products and excellent service, continue to exceed customer expectations, and grow and develop together with customers.

Thank our customers for their support and trust. We look forward to further cooperation with you in the future to create a better future!